AppBrain APK Latest Full Free Download For Android

Here is an amazing app to find the latest apps in the Google play store, the largest Android market. Now make your android market more interesting and find latest and favorite apps, live wallpapers and widgets. The amazing features that this app holds are as follows. Have a look and decide for your self it is worth downloading or not.

  • It recommends applications that are compatible with your device
  • Now you can get the latest and very hot App of the Day!
  • You can now find top android apps with a dropped price.
  • You can also share your bestest applications like twitter and facebook
  • You can get track of the updates of your favorite applications as it notifies you of all the updates that are available for your device.
  • You can install the apps very fast and efficiently without slowing down any of the other tasks.
  • You can also uninstall the applications fastly and efficiently just the way you installed them.
  • You can visit and view list of ‘my apps’ and install apps with sync instead of a barcode scanner.
  • You can also keep a list of all the apps downloaded on your device and access it very easily in case of stolen or lost data.
  • AppBrain is the best way to find the best apps across the market and to manage all the applications sp well.
  • AppBrain recommends applications and games related to the applications and games that are already installed on your device.
  • AppBrain does not work with the Amazon App Store.
  • The manager app is like an ideal file explorer and task manager and it manages all the applications that are installed and are being installed.
  • It starts the app quickly and you can uninstall them from the manager and also share to facebook!
  • It also allows you to sync the apps and games from your desktop and bring the backup to the cloud.
  • You can move all the applications to the SD card as it provides efficient App2SD functionality.
  • It automatically notifies you of all the updates in the market.
  • You can find all the good apps by the filter which includes hot apps, app of the day, apps with reduced prices,apps that are enabled app2sd functionality.
  • You can also filter the apps through the following categories like paid apps,free apps etc
  • Unlike other android markets,it only provides legal applications that are brought to you by legal sources.
  • You can also see the highest rated apps and decide for yourself whether to download it or not.
  • It provides very fast searches over the android market and let you access all the apps that you desire.
It is the best android market and app discovery tool for Android apps from the android market. Download this app free from the link below.


If you wish to purchase it from GOOGLE PLAY STORE, then the link is given below

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