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Castle Cats: Idle Hero RPG

Castle Cats MOD apk

Is a game of cats that is well combated against evil pugomancer and wild dogs ,grow a collection of cats , in this game every cat has a different skill and ability from others, the main mission of the game is to depose pugomancer by using power of guild of cats if someone wants to invade at you , you have warriors cats ,you can take action joining battle , if you win the battle, you make the kingdom a palace separately for cats ,these warriors cats depose evil pugomancer and become superior of citadel , this Castle Cats game is all about collecting cats for fun , recruits  of various cats in your cat’s force .your warriors cats use spears, wooden pole, swords, halberds as a weapon in fighting against dark mice and pyromancer . The first three cats that, a player(player) recruits ,a re known by the names Canon, Katness, and Francis.S ome cats are expert in cclawing, flying and crawling, each one has own unique ability  ,they are defender of Catania ,actually this is a fun game, mostly people like cats so, if you love cats you probably have spent your hours watching   cats videos on YouTube and daily motion and others sites, the English language gives a word for cats lover , that word is “ailurophile ” if someone owning a pet cat and he loves too much with that cat that is known ailurophile accordingly English dictionary, game developer thinking why not an amazing game of cats should be on play store , he observed the  number of people interest in cats        a special day of cats is also celebrated in the world  8th Aug is day of cats in Canada and 29th Oct is day of cats in united States and you have experienced that English people too like owning of a pet cat in their house, and then seeing this interest in cats developer designed a game that based on cats, an amazing game that is gifted to the cat lover . In this game, you have fun different 100 unique cats.

General information of Castle Cats MOD apk

Size: 80 Mb

Offered by: PockApp Studios

Released on: 14 Jan 2017

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Castle Cats Apk

Castle Cats MOD Apk


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