MX PLAYER APK Download for Android


Are you looking for a great video player with higher hardware acceleration and subtitle options? If yes! MX Player APK is suitable for you. It works excellently on android device with supper compatibility with formats like DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS subtitle tracks, SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass) with full styling, SAMI(.smi) with Ruby tag support, SubRip(.srt), MicroDVD(.sub), VobSub(.sub/.idx), SubViewer2.0(.sub), MPL2(.mpl), TMPlayer(.txt), Teletext, PJS(.pjs) and WebVTT(.vtt)

MX player Apk is best for all types of videos, to be played on the android device. The best thing about MX player APK that it is supportive of all type of Android devices, but the size changes according to the device. Download MX player APK to enjoy the videos of all types and formats on your mobile for free.

MX Player APK
MX Player APK


  • Hardware acceleration will help to run more videos with the help of new HW+ decoder
    MX Player is supportive of multi-core decoding
  • Zoom in and out by swiping from corner to corner on your mobile screen.
  • Easy Scroll onward/toward the back to move to next/previous section
  • Quick Up/down to move text up and down,
  • Simple Zoom in/out to change text size.
    Kids lock will be helpful to entertain your kids without worrying that they can make calls or touch other apps.


To read all media files in your primary & secondary storages
To rename or delete files and to store the downloaded subtitles
To get the network status which is required for license checking, update checking, etc
To use internet connection
To controls the vibration for notifications
To get better AV sync when Bluetooth headset in use
To avoid phone from sleeping while watching any video
To stop the MX Player services used in the background play
To stop in the interim secure screen lock when Kids Lock is used
To block some keys when Kids Lock is on
To turn off system buttons when input blocking is activated on the playback screen

Don’t waste on other videos players; the best MX player is free for you. Now to enjoy videos, download MX player APK for free, click on the link to get this amazing video player for your android device for free.

MX Player App

Meta Information of Special Forces Group 2 Apk
Name MX Player
Developer J2 Interactive
Category Video Players & Editors
Current Version Varies with device

Weaphones Gun Sim Free Vol 2 APK Download for Android

 Description of Weaphones Gun Sim Free Vol 2  APK
You are here to download Weaphone Gun Sim Free Vol 2 APK. This amazing game is presented by the makers of the most credible firearms simulator. With new additions and amazing feature Weaphone Gun Sim Free Vol 2 APK is now free to download here on
This amazing game has extraordinary features, it has all weapons, including pistol to pump shotguns. You can enjoy with Pistol, Revolver, Smg, Assault Rifles,  Marksman Rifles,  Light Machine Gun, Semi Automatic Sniper Rifles, Bolt Action Sniper Rifle, Pump Shotgun, Auto Shotgun And Grenade Launcher.
If you love to experience how weapons works, like reloading, chambering and gun strike. Download Weaphone Gun Sim Free Vol 2 APK and get the amazing experience of digital guns with chill of mobile game. To play this supper thrilling game you just need to download and use the fingers to feel the weapon.
Use the energy of the inherent accelerometer of weapons and blaze abilities for a more authentic affair. Be a sniper with the loaded gun and enjoy the trill with guns.
Features of Weaphone Gun Sim Free Vol 2 APK
·         Real like effects of fire, sound, smolder, and sparks.
·         Supper creative interface and organize
·         Real time weapon mechanism
·         Additional changeable features
·         Full HD graphics
·         Freebie weapons for players
·         Changeable keys suitable for hand size
·         Tutorial for learning each step for each gun
·         Smart multi-touch function
·         Supports Cool accelerometer and flash camera
·         Connect social media for players

I bet you will love this game, Click on the download link to get the amazing Weaphone Gun Sim Free Vol 2 APK for free for your android device. Download and enjoy the game of guns on your mobile phone and have chill pill.

Google Play Services APK Download for Android

Description of Google Play Services APK

Are you’re here to download Google play service APK? If yes, you are on write way to get this amazing tool and hub of applications. As we know, Google Play services Apk is providing access to thousands of application at same platform. You can download Google play service to install Google apps and also to update the version on apps provide by Google play. This amazing service of Google not only keeps your data safe but also synchronizes the versions while updating the settings of applications. For the best quality application here download Google play service APK.

Features of Google Play Services APK
·         It boosts your app experience.
·         It speeds up offline searches.
·         It offers three-dimensional image display.
·         It improves gaming experiences.
·         It includes Channel API for bidirectional data transfer between devices.
  • It has parameter for setting max wait time.
  • It has capacity to recover or rebooting.
Download Link:

WeChat APK Download for Android Mobiles and Tablets

Description of WeChat APK:
You want to best ever user friendly application for socializing? If yes WeChat APK is here for you. WeChat APK is application that connects people through message and call. WeChat APK works everywhere have no border restrictions. WeChat APK is full package with SMS/MMS options along with voice and video call facilities. Fun part of WeChat APK is its gaming option; you can also enjoy sending and receiving pictures and special moment with your friend and family.
I bet you will love this application.
Do you know, according to USA today WeChat APK is better and much popular and more user-friendly application. Wired, also appreciates the features of this amazing application.
This is best ever socializing application for all of us.

Features of WeChat APK:
·         You can send video, photo, text, and voice messages.
·         You can chat in a group with up to 500 people and group video calls up to 9 people.
·         You can enjoy high-quality free calls to anywhere in the world.
·         You can make calls to landlines and mobile around the globe at low rates (in some regions only).
·         You can use hundreds of free, fun, animated stickers to express your feelings from some of your favorite cartoons and movies.
·         You can share your best moments on your personal photo stream.
·         You can use WeChat gives you the highest level of control over your privacy.
·         You can Trust on the privacy of its messaging app.
·         You can use “Friend Radar”, “People Nearby” and “Shake” to meet others. 
·         You can use real-time location sharing to show your location.
·         You can chat in 20 different languages and can translate messages to any language.
·         You can use WeChat APK as desktop app, custom wallpapers, custom notifications, and Official Accounts.
To download this amazing, most preferred and supper cool socializing application, Click on the download option given below. Use WeChat APK and stay connected to your love ones.

Download Link:

VidMate Video Downloader APK File Download for Android

Vidmate HD video downloader apk download free is ready for you. This Vidmate Video Downloader is one of the best video downloading tool for Android and Tablet users. If you are in search of a solution to download all your favorite videos to your mobile or PC? We have a solution for you. VidMate Video Downloader is one of the top video downloading apps that allows you to download any video to your phone. The app provides you with amazing and handsome features so you get all your videos in few moments.
VidMate - HD video Downloader
VidMate – HD video Downloader



Some of its features are as follows.
  • VidMate is free.
  • It allows you to download videos from sources of your choice.
  • You can get HD videos in your phone.
  • The app is very easy to use.
  • Navigating through VidMate is handy and comprehensive.
  • You can download millions of HD videos from YouTube and other sources,
  • You can also watch Live TV.
  • It allows you to view more than 200 channels.
  • Whether it’s a Bollywood song or a Hollywood, you can download it through VidMate.
  • The downloading processes are fast.
  • The user interface is handy and friendly.
  • The procedures are easy.
  • You get hhigh-quality songs downloaded in your phone in few moments.


Download the APK file of VidMate and get all your videos in one place.

VPN Master-Free·Unblock·Proxy APK File Download

VPN Master is an amazing tool that allows you to surf the internet regardless of any limits. The VPN works efficiently to provide you the best surfing experience. The good thing about is that you don’t need any subscription or membership to start using this VPN app. You don’t need to create accounts

Features of this app are as follows.
  • The VPN Master APK is free.
  • This app unblocks all restricted sites and allows you to surf blocked sites.
  • The speed is high enough to not irritate you.
  • You can use different servers to bypass blocked websites and applications.
  • Your location appears as of any other country.
  • You can also bypass internet filters and censorships.
  • You can browse privately and anonymously.
  • It protects your data, personal information and region details.
  • It works completely fine with all Wi-Fi networks, LTE, 3G etc.
  • It encrypts the data with OpenVPN protocols.
  • The performance is smooth and the design is clean.
  • The user interface is friendly.
  • VPN Master is trusted by millions of users.
You can download the APK file of VPN Master Proxy APK from the link given below. 

Opera Mobile Store APK File Download For Android

The top alternative of Google Play Store that is currently available is the Opera Mobile Store. Google play store has everything when it comes to your app needs but Opera store also has similar features and it provides services just like Google Play Store. This store has collection of all amazing apps and games and you can download those apps in a moment. 
Features of this app are as follows.
  • Opera mobile store is free and fast.
  • It functions just like Google Play Store.
  • It has tons of apps and games.
  • The interface is clean and comprehensive.
  • You can download any app directly to your phone.
  • You don’t need any APK files to download the apps as you get them on Google Play Store.
  • The server and system is strong and powerful.
  • The tasks get performed smoothly.
  • You can search for your favorite apps.
  • You can get version history of any app.
  • You can see excessive details and description.
  • Opera Mobile Store is used by millions of people.
  • The apps provided at Opera Store are virus free and clean.

The APK file of Opera Store can be downloaded from the link below. The APK file is unofficial as Opera Store hasn’t yet provided any APK file officially.

Amazon Silk Browser APK File Download For Android

Amazon Silk browser is a refined and modified browser that is purely made for the purpose of providing you the best browsing experience. This browser can challenge all the top notch browsers that people around the world love. The silk browser came and started ruling over the market with its amazing features. Amazon Silk Browser is hosted by Amazon and the name itself doesn’t need any description, the product of Amazon would work just as perfectly as Amazon does. 
Once you download the APK file of Silk Browser, you are ready to experience a whole new surfing sense. The features are interesting enough to get you involved in the surfing for long time. The speed is fast and the pages get loaded faster than ever. Also, when you open a page or click on a certain link, the page is first sent to the optimizing systems in the background and then it gets displayed on your screen and that page is fully optimized and the interesting thing is that you don’t even realize that there is a whole background process going on before you see the page and also, the speed is fast enough to not make you realize that a process like that even exists. 
The silk browser APK is free and the link is given at the end of this page. The size of APK file of Silk Browser is some 48 MBs. The downloading and installation both are very easy and handy. The user interface is clean and comprehensive. The design is unique yet simple. Silk browser is efficient, fast and intuitive at the same time. You can download the APK file of Amazon Silk Browser and enjoy the handsome features on your android device that holds the latest versions. 

ACMarket APK File Download For Android

ACMarket is a unique and intuitive platform where you can find all APK files in cracked version. ACMarket provides you APK files of all your favorite apps completely free of cost. The most annoying thing that users find in majority apps are the advertisements and plus point of ACMarket is that it is advertisement free. 

Some more features of ACMarket are as follows.
  • The app is free.
  • The installation process is quite easy.
  • The design is clean and comprehensive.
  • The user interface is smooth and friendly.
  • You can get modified and patched apps.
  • The downloading process is fast and smooth.
  • ACMarket has no advertisement policy.
  • ACMarket has a very active community that share cracked and patched apps.
  • The app is easily customizable.
  • You can give your feedback from within the app.

Download the APK file of ACMarket from the link below.

KitKat Launcher APK Download For Android

KitKat launcher is a launcher based on the KitKat version of android 4.4. This launcher includes in it the smart layout of bars and screens. It has all the cool features for all latest android versions. You can download and use this launcher in all android devices that have android 4.1 or higher in them.  There is an ad free version of this but that expires after a specific trial period. 

More features are as follows.
  • Based on Android 4.4 (KK Launcher), works on Android 4.1 – 4.2 – 4.3 – 4.4 devices. In KitKat Launcher, there are enhanced Android KitKat, Lollipop Launcher features.
  • It offers a transparent smart status bar.
  • You can have clone of Google Now.
  • You can hide your apps in the drawer.
  • It makes your icons smaller just as the KitKat icons.
  • You can show and hide your search bar.
  • You can have a quick action menu that pops up in a moment.
  • You can use fixed or floated wallpapers.
  • You can resize any widget as you desire.
  • You can set themes, backgrounds etc.

Download APK file of KitKat Launcher from below.

Betternet VPN Proxy APK Free Download For Android

A free and amazing VPN tool for your android device that offers so much. You will no longer get irritated by the VPNs that offer trials and you have to buy them to avail their services. You can easily change your region by this tool and use the internet with firewalls. The process is simple and easy-peasy. You don’t need any registrations or accounts. Just download the app and start using the free VPN service.

  • You can buy the premium version but that is completely your choice. The free version shows ads and the premium one do not.
  • You can unblock various sites and apps like Facebook, YouTube etc.
  • You can use all apps that are prohibited in your region.
  • It protects your privacy.
  • It builds an unknown connection and allows you to use the internet without boundaries.
  • It secures your data and protects you while you use Wi-Fi hotspots or cellular data.
  • It protects your data from cyber hackers.
  • The speed is super-fast and it automatically connects you to the fastest server.
Download the APK file of Betternet VPN from the link below.


SOS Ultra Power Saver Launcher APK File Download

The most common problem or complain that we here from an android user is regarding the battery going down too fast. However, the reasons why it happens are enormous and one of them is that the apps we have downloaded in our device are taking too much of the battery along with slowing down the performance of the processor. Even after the power saving modes, we still lose battery a lot more than we should. 

Battery drainage is normal nowadays because the loads we put on our phones is much more than required. In that case, we can use simple tools like ultra-power saving apps that manage your phone by optimizing the performances of different apps and monetizing them in a way where they eat less battery. Battery drainage is irritating at times because there are times when you need your phone the most and the battery has drained to the extent where you can’t perform a task properly. SOS ultra-power saver launcher saves your phone’s battery by various ways. For example it kill all the running apps that you don’t use but they still linger around in the background. It disables the apps that use more data and cause trouble. It also has a pro mode where the features are extra ordinary and premium. This app does slow down your phone’s speed to save battery but it is for the good. This app puts your phone on an ultra-power saving mode where the home screen is replaced with a new home screen where you can add at least 4 apps that you use more frequently. This ultra-power saving mode saves you when you get out of charge.

Download the APK file of SOS Ultra-power Saver Launcher app and save your battery!