Cover Fire : Offline Shooting game MOD apk

Cover Fire: Offline Shooting game MOD apk

A shotgun shooting game to lead you at the gate of last standing man to list you a man of survival of the world and man of the best shooter against the enemy to retain the peace on earth to provide the people defense to live long, this is the which have a battlefield where a war is fought to dismiss mercenaries , this is the game where you will find a lot of walls, shields, and covers to be protected by coming bullets by mercenaries , you can cover yourself and hide yourself by aggressive war attack coming toward you , your self-defense and protection is very important to achieve the goal of to be last standing man and one of the survivals  of the world , become a legend of this fighting game become icon of your troops , lead your troops to win against these mercenaries . Defend your innocent people to be murdered and assassination by the hands of mercenaries, who are hired by someone goon, to shoot, slash and injure the people, these mercenaries keep continue violation against human beings they continue this violation up to end of the game but it so good because this thing retains the taste of the game and gamer play it emotionally this get the attention of the gamer , gamer imagine his/her player such that  himself/herself, the gamer is being involved in this game completely because this is a very addictive game , its graphics effects are super this is lengthy and very colorful included 3 dimension game this is very tasty and an adventure game a best adventure you have in this game as to destroy enemy thoroughly, have to sweep out all the opponents warriors, your shotgun is a best tool to help you out in this battle ,the field of the battle is so imaginary, game is full of challenges which that you to deal with them mentally and physically as you have to be a good decision maker as that is required to be alerted, shooter,your best decision-making ability can save you from any coming attack or trap, improve the direction of your weapon on your target, avoid to miss the target ,you have to aim you sniper or shotgun exact over your target point that is obviously your enemy as a mercenaries , kill them out there must never be left any terrorist on the world, save your people and become a winner and unlock many mission, very amazing a large size game you should try it once hope that you enjoy it and it will be an amazing experience .

General information of Cover Fire: Offline Shooting game MOD apk 

Size: 456 Mb

Offered by: Genera Games

Released on: 30 Mar,2017

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