Dirty Revolver

Dirty Revolver APK is a very classic adventure third-person shooter mobile game. The gameplay is very rich and adopts The style of western cowboy is very personal. Fully Action Story Driven Third Person gameplay which can be played offline.

“Dirty Revolver APK” is a third-person shooter adventure game that explores the vast open western wilderness full of cowboys, bandits and evil monsters. Start the game for free: Let the enemy pay back the blood! You are specialize in eliminating the scum of society, but now it is a desperado who lied to death and fled to Arizona.

Game Features:
1. Fully integrate into the entire story and action, you will try to find out various events, mysteries and challenges. But don’t be fooled by the beauty of this land-criminals.
2. Ready to go, 40 missions in various forms are waiting for you to conquer. You can race horses, catch robbers, avoid groups of enemies, etc.

Story of a revenge with Wesley and his men’s. The story is not deep enough but the gameplay is quite satisfying. Its like playing Red Dead Redemption 2 on Android Devices.

Dirty Revolver APK (Red Dead Redemption 2 Android) Features:-
Story Driven Amazing Gameplay
Lots of Different Missions to Complete
Character Customizations with various items and outfits
Horse Riding Action Shooting Gameplay
Amazing Graphics built using Unreal Engine
Different weather conditions
Fight in different cities,take Revenge

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