Dr.Web Security Space For Android

A very simple tool that secures your android device from all the viruses, spam and malware. It completey assures the security of your device. It also helps you find your phone when you lost it somewhere or when its stolen. This app is a must have for all the android users. Some of the very cool feature this app has are as follows.
  • It scans your device for viruses and malware and removes them.
  • It keeps your calls and messages secure. 
  • It has a latest technology to scan for viruses. 
  • It scans your data for corrupted files and cleans them.
  • It scans the memory card files and internal memory files to make sure everything is clean and secure.
  • It makes the battery last longer. 
  • Cools down the device and improves the processor working. 
  • You can easily locate your device when its stolen away.

Download the apk file of this app from below!

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