File Expert Pro Key Plugin 1.3(Full) APK Free Download

Pro Key Plugin is a complete app that unlocks all the enhanced features of File Expert and File Expert HD. A leading file manager and a sharing application for Android devices.

With this ideal plugin, you can get all the advanced and unlocked features that are as follows.


  • Root explorer will help you edit system files of your device after you your self root your android device. For this feature, you have to activate the root explorer from the File Expert Settings.
  • Its memory manager enhances and manages the speed and performance of the android processor of your device and manages the memory and performance issues.
  • You can encrypt all your private files with the safe box and also protect them from others to see as privacy is the first most priority for everyone.
  • It has the recycle bin like the one you have in windows of Pc and works sams like that.
  • The file shredder feature is more than enough to satisfy you about the complete deletion of your selected files.. The File shredder shreds your sensitive and private files into tiny pieces and removes them in a way that it could never be restored.
  • There are up to twenty tags.
  • With this File Expert Pro Key Plugin 1.3, You can remove all the ads and the application recommendations and the editor’s pick in File Expert. This feature requires activation from the File Expert settings.

All the features are under development as greekSoft gives Pro Key users a life time service and a very ideal experience.. You will be provided by the free updates and by the advanced and enhanced features for free.
The file explorer is much eye candy and very functional & helpful and turned out as the best app.
Thousands of people around the world have already installed File Expert Pro Key Plugin and loved it as the reviews says.


  • It is compatible with Android 2.2 and later android version devices.
So what’s new in the update, let’s see!


  • Now the File Expert Pro key Plugin that is purchased from the Google Play Store does not need a green soft account to function but the Pro Key bought from Feature Shop still needs a green soft account to proceed.
  • The reported account issue is now fixed and the feature accessible issues are also fixed.
You can download the File Expert Pro Key Plugin from the link below.
Follow the link!
If you wish to purchase it from the Google Play Store, then the link is given below. Follow the link to download this ideal file manager!

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