Flying Car Rescue game 3D:Flying Simulator MOD apk

Flying Car Rescue game 3D: Flying Simulator MOD apk

Is a game that consists , a rescue car simulator of flight and driving on the road modes ,at a time you can enjoy in two different modes simulators one is driving car by road and second flying same car in the air, it is sure you are being wondered but ,it is truly true as you have ever seen to fly planes in the sky but now you will be experienced to see a car in the air and you will be a pilot of that car not a driver ,this car will be changed in an aero plane if you play flying simulator mode but another one is driving mode but flying simulator mode is so interesting when you are reported for to rescue the people from accidental place or from terrible area, you can use your car as a rescuer aero plane and reaching on the spot can help the victims by doing the great job as come to the aid of and save their lives from danger situation ,your car is designed like an aero plane ,it has wings like an aero plane ,it flies like same to same a cargo plane it helps to airlift affected people of the flood, fire, and snow falling, due to this feature of flying your car is so advanced invention and it is made by modern technology that lead it to be the world fastest operation and quick action taker flying simulator car but if you prefer to go to affected area for rescue the victims people by the road then you can use driving simulator mode and can reach alternative way that is also amazing experience you can feel, wonderful seen, wonderful pictures fantastic environment, 3D characters of the game, overall everything get your attention and gives you very pleased feelings so colorful game ,must play this one .

General information of Flying Car Rescue game 3D: Flying Simulator MOD apk 

Size: 48 Mb

Offered by: PinPrink Gamers

Released on: 16 Oc  2017

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