Gunship Strike 3D MOD apk

Gunship Strike 3D MOD apk

Is a game based on a mission to demolish enemy military bases using fully armed Cobra Helicopter that is launched in special war missions to target enemy shelters and to destroying enemy military bases, this helicopter is equipped with modern technology weapons, mighty guns are installed in it that is fabulous to hit the exact target ,Gunship Strike 3D MOD apk is the best target hitting game if you are a one who likes the kind of games where missions is given to hit the targets through airspace then must try to play this one game that is highly outstanding targets hitting game through the airspace, most important thing to see that here everything is seen and visible with 3 dimensional effects so , this game is so awesome, there required best flying skills, there required best combat tactics and war strategy, hit the target by the exact way, avoid to miss the target point , no need to throw missile in space through helicopter without picking an enemy military base on the target because missiles and bullets are limited availability and installed in your Cobra helicopter so avoid to waste them without any object but you can increase your weapons, by the way, to hit more and more enemy military bases as you shoot more targets in the results you get more missiles and bullets that lead to shooting huge enemy defense towers and shelters, do maximum enemy shelterhouse damage , hit enemy helicopters and jets and also hit their cargo ships in the sea through your powerful helicopter that is flying in the air  ,become a supreme hero of the air , polish your flying skills otherwise you will never be survived on the space as your enemy is the same power in military status, they can shoot your jet down, if you want that your helicopter never be targeted by enemy radar then carefully fly your target master war helicopter full of armed with modern weapon technology, must download and play this full of missions game and prove yourself the best fighter pilot.

General information of  Gunship Strike 3D MOD apk 

Size: 20 Mb

Offered by: Candy Mobile

Released on: 4 Jan,2016

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