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Hay Day is a great and very new charming farming experience.. Once you will play this game you will get addicted to it as theres so much interesting to do.. You can plant crops of wheat,corn,pumpkin,carrot,sugarcane,indigo,red chili pepper etc.Crops when ready to harvest are used to make sweaters,brown sugar,white sugar,juices,pies and much more.As it is a farm,animals are a must so there are cows,hen,sheep,horses and pigs too.You can produce things in bakery,pie oven and on grills and sell them at your very own roadside shop.

Hay day is recently updated to its best,greatest update of the farming history.. this update includes..


ALL ABOARD Hay Day’s biggest update in history!
Introducing the new Hay Day Town!
*UNLOCK your very own mountain town
*REPAIR the station and town hall
*BUILD your theater, diner, spa, and more
*CUSTOMIZE your town with decorations
*GREET and serve quirky new visitors
*EARN reputation points to unlock buildings and rare items
*IMPROVE buildings inside and out
*CONNECT with neighbors and share bonuses!
And there’s so much more. Check out all the details in the official Hay Day forums. 

So in hay day every farmer want to earn loads of money in order to buy buildings and decorating,decorating your farm is important earn likes and reputation points.Earning money quickly is a common issue for farmers.. two complulsory things o have
  • upgraded silo
  • upgraded barn

Silo storage and barn storage must be high so that you can store things there and sell them at your roadside shop.Customers usually donot pay handsome prices but each time you sell goods to them you get 5 stars that are worthy for level upgrade.For upgrading silo,you need building materials that are hard to find.But i have a useful tip that i myself used to get building material.

To get building material like screw,plank,wood panel and tapes you need to plant crops.Wheat can be produced in 1 minute and you can repeat the process easily for the time is very less..
  • Plant wheat crop above 17
  • Wait forthe time of harvest
  • Harvest quickly 
  • You will get building material each time you will plant crops that are 17 or 30+
  • You can repeat the process when ever you want.

Now the problems what to do with the excess of wheat.. Usually i make alot of bread and tnlo hamburgers and sell them at the roadside shop. You can also sell wheat at low prices and place an add in news paper to attract customers.. 

Best of luck for a great farming experience!

Download hay day from the link below..

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