My Supermarket Story Store tycoon simulation MOD Apk Download

My Supermarket Story : Store tycoon Simulation

My Supermarket Story: store tycoon simulation MOD apk

This is the game revolves around the store tycoon who opens big stuff selling store in a supermarket and due to its good management and hard working after taking some period of time he has become the merchant prince of supermarket in the main bazaar now its store is known as a big shopping center and it got a good reputation in customers, customers and buyers come here in this big store to buy their living needy and necessary stuff and goods people like this big shop, in this game you are owner of this big shop or this store so you have some responsibilities as maintenance, arrangement and decoration the stuff moreover you should display your goods (stuff) nicely in showcases and shelves ,you need to know that attractive decoration of stuff attracts more visitors and forced to buy something, increase your sales and manage it well as you can as possible when your shopping store come to at the peak point then you will see and observe that the number of visitors and customers will increase and its mean automatically your amount of sales will grow and in this way your business will be at the booming, you will see that due to the popularity of your store in the main supermarket there big personalities will arrive on your shopping store for shopping, buying and purchasing their essential  stuff like the items that are used in our daily life, your shopping mall contains all necessary stuff and goods that are being  sold in every common or popular store but your store is something different to other stores in the market as it is unique it has cheap items but their quality is so good and your store’s product is very outstanding with compare to other and the main thing to notice is that the location of your store is perfect as your store is located in the main supermarketYour customers are recorded higher than another store, your store is so famous in public even top class superstars across the world move to your store for having shopping and purchasing their unique dresses and shoes , people and stars and artists like prefer your store to have shopping so that is why your sale is higher than other near stores, so I think your store is going to achieve the goal of profit so do more hard work and come slowly to be a rich man and become the tycoon of the city, game is funny, have fun and spend memorable time .

General information of My Supermarket Story: store tycoon simulation MOD apk 

Size: 70 Mb

Offered by: Joymore

Released on :14 Nov ,2018

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My Supermarket Story Mod APk


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