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Residence of Evil MOD Apk

Residence of Evil MOD apk

Is a one-person shooter game, very horrible and awful like horror movie so mysterious scene that makes someone scared, 10 types of evil that are very harmful to human beings. In this game, there are many cannibals that are hungry to eat man’s meat those are thirsty for man’s blood. You have a mission to eradicate these cannibals but be careful because they can injure you in this task you might be injured, be aware many people lost their lives by these evils. These cannibals look so mysterious and direful when you face a cannibal abruptly on the way of your adventure might be scared but don’t be scared by those evils just there is need of courage ,if you have got a guts you can do otherwise you will be a prey of those animal type cannibals, save your life and other lives  by doing demolishing  of your enemy , you have three types of weapons, use your shotgun to shoot awful and horrible cannibals that are dangerous for human creature , eliminate them badly  and get rid of from these torments , that are swallowing mankind . This game is created with full of a mysterious scary scene, there are strange dark rooms that make curiosity to someone, you will feel ghost everywhere in the game become a brave man and wipe out torments ,just for that moments  imagine yourself that you are a hero and you have to play a role of a great man that work for humanity to save them from evils and cannibals , show your noble qualities ,qualities of warrior as a warrior has qualities and skills to defeat his enemy, in this game you can fully enjoy  If we talk about its structure that is fully designed with great graphics effects, this game’s curiosity attracts game player’s attention. if you have got experienced to watch horror movies then you would feel it same a horror film that will increase definitely your interest and will be a source of entertainment and enjoyment.

General information of Residence of Evil MOD all

size: 47 Mb

Offered by: Poison Games

Released on: 4 Jun 2018

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Residence of Evil MOD Apk

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