Robot Sky Rescue Simulator MOD apk

Robot Sky Rescue Simulator MOD apk

Is a game of Spiderman that flies in the sky and looks after the people that are living in the extremely populated city this city consists of lofty buildings and high-sky towers, well-constructed and well designed outstanding city but one defect of the city is criminal activity by the criminals these criminals  are  cause of the fighting and quarreling they create conflict among the people they violate human rights they violate rules and laws, they beat the citizens of the city that are harmful to this huge populated city so as you have control of your robot that looks like a spiderman which that is seen in action movies and in cartoon, this spiderman can fly in airspace like a rocket or like a fighter jet  ,it has the responsibility to restore peace in the city and to protect the people from criminals of the extreme city, your spiderman that is also known robot which that has full stuff of weapon , it’s suit is loaded by the shotguns and Rifles which can be used to play the role of safety guard guns as you know your robot is a safety guard of the city when he is noticed by any criminal activity he takes the action against criminals  ,he reaches the point or spot on the time and takes the action by setting the target against bad people and kill them quickly without any notice, he shoots them down and becomes a hero that held peace back in the extremely populated city ,I think flying in the space is it’s best and unique feature that help him to retain the peace in the city , your robot fight against criminal that is it’s mission and he tries to do it successfully by killing the criminal in this way when he shoots to death to a lawbreaker or a robber that time your mission come to end successfully in this way you are navigated to the next mission,

General information of Robot Sky Rescue Simulator MOD apk

Size: 26 Mb

Offered by: Gamers Pulse Inc

Released on: 13 Sep 2017

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