Subway Surfer Tokyo Latest v1.24 APK Download Free

SUBWAY SURFERS: The most famous game played by millions of users around the world. Like some other games such angrybirds,temple run and temple run 2,Subway surfer also gained loads of success and fame.. It attracted millions of users towards the drift of its awesome tours.. Recently subway surfers TOKYO is launched by killoo games and this time it has come up with great new features including new japanese characters.. Yeah you got it right,You will see new japanese faces in the game.. isn’t that exciting?

Its the time to surf japan with all new and latest subway surfers tokyo..You can download the apk file from the link mentioned below.The game now looks totally different as it was before in the subway surfers Sydney.Many new features are added and many of the things have been changed.You gotta know everything about this exciting new and funfilled japan tour with your own jake and the punters.

Tokyo is very famous and amazing city that almost every single person desire to visit.People love this city and thats the real cause of launch of the all new Subway Surfer Tokyo.. People loved this eddition of the game like the sydney one launched before.They really love to switch to the newest and all the next coming versions of the amazing game and it is expected that subway surfers will come up with more great cities of the world in their next editions.I myself played this game to review it and found some of its very new features that are worth sharing.

You have to move and control the all new Japanese girl character that is added newly in this version and more characters are also available for you to choose from the list.Unlike the old version,you are followed by the police man and his dog.. And yes there are obstacles and hurdles in the path to make it more exciting and unfilled to play.You need as much coins as you can collect.To get boosts and power ups,you need coins to purchase the items.Cherish the whole new tour to JAPAN now with this exciting game.. To purchase boosts and power ups you can visit settings in the games.Some great new features of Subway Surfer Tokyo are as follows..

  • The breathtaking lightning of JAPAN excites you!
  • New paths with many changes brought to them.
  • Tokyo’s large buildings,interface you!
  • Proper Japanese makeovers and new characters.
  • New 3 types of power boosters with new types of boosts.
Exciting? are’nt you? I’m loving this game and you are going to love it too for sure.. Here is the proper downloading link to the whole new JAPAN tour! 

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