The Escapists 2 MOD Apk Download

The Escapists 2 APK MOD Pocket Breakout

The Escapists 2 MOD apk

The Escapists 2 APK MOD Pocket Breakout
The Escapists 2 APK MOD Pocket Breakout

Is a task game you get a task to free out your friends from captivity. You know it is not so easy task as every game consists of challenges , missions and tasks there is required your mental approach to reach or win that task , but as talking about the task of this game that is given in Escapists MOD apk game is so difficult for your reach if you are so simple man it means it is none of your business there is required clever mindset then you are able to get your friend out of prison .it is totally dependent your intelligently and wisdom, look back in your wisdom that how to handle out this Escapists mod apk task you know every criminal go to jail but I don’t know why your friend in jail custody but no need to discuss on that but the main major is that your companion should be out of jail , the main problem is for you that there is a high alert security system , every cell has a security camera  and with an active alert warden jailer  that is why no way of getting rid of for your companion or you can imagine that prisoner is yourself but that is no matter it might be yourself or might be your companion that facing cell (jail) captivity .get rid of from slavery it inflicts pain to some that are facing jail, get freedom that is main mission of every life .get freedom so, you have to take some serious steps following my hints you can win the task getting out from the cell (jail),

.attack any guard that is on duty in your cell

.after doing this get the keys of cell rooms from that guard

.look around everywhere if there is no another guard on duty or guard is not looking you then try to open the lock of your cell door and keep silent and run out

Hopefully, it will work but there is no chance to do this then try another trick

.Try to jump out the wall whenever a guard is at lunch or dinner

I think it will work better and you or we can say your prison friend will be out of jail.

This game is so interesting, it takes attention of its user (gamer) .hopefully you will never lose the chance and will play this Escapists 2 MOD apk. Don’t worry how to get this amazing game, the link is given below you can download this easily


Download Escapists 2 MOD apk


The Escapists 2 Apk

The Escapists 2 MOD Apk


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