Universal Unroot 1.10 Latest APK Free Download For Android

Universal Unroot can Unroot ANY Android processored device that’s already Rooted & has a type of Superuser installed in it.Its current updated version is 1.10.. it requires android 2.2 or upper.. 
Universal unroot will unroot any android device that is already rooted. Simply click on the “UNROOT” button and allow Root Access when asked to give it a permission. The device will reboot after the hit.You will then be completely unrooted when you boot back up..
**When App Does Not Reboot After Allowing The Root, Then Close The App And Hit The Unroot Button Again**

This is a great app for those people who are trying to complete the warranty return with a carrier for detective device hardware or a repair..



Unrooting is permanent,Once you hit the button the result is permanent.. If you are searching for a temporary unrooting then this app is definitely not suitable for you.. You can just use this app if you permanently want to lose the ROOT ACCESS.. 
One more thing,If your device has insecure kernel then app will tell you to leave and close the app..This is for users who spend some time reading the description that warns you that if your device has insecure kernel then you will not be completely unroot..
insecure kernel describes the meaning that you will not be unrooted until your kernel is reversed back to the factory storage file.. 
Please be aware , this app does not guarantee that it will fix your  following devices..
  • Over The Air Update issues 
  • Debloating 
  • Custom recovery 
  • Custom ROM 
If you can not update because the system of your device is modified,You can look for a way to turn back to the entire device Such as ODIN or SAMSUNG..
This is a paid app but you can download it free from the following link..
IF you wish to Purchase it from Google Play Store,Then you can consult the following link..

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